2016 Winners!

$1000 Joe/Janet Kuzma Scholarship:

Kate Quade

$1000 James Klimt Scholarship:

Trevor Feest

$750 Fred Stankovsky:

Rheannon Linssen

$750 Scholarship:

Eve Prodoehl

$500 Scholarship:

Kendra Vertz

$500 Scholarship:

Tessa Schwersinske

2015 Winners!

$1000 Joe/Janet Kuzma Scholarship:

Charlotte Urban

Marshfield High School

$1000 James Klimt Scholarship:

Kelsey VandenLangenberg

Denmark High School

$750 Fred Stankovsky:

Emily Johnson

Luxemburg Casco High School

$750 Scholarship:

Alyssa Lennon

Oshkosh High School

$500 Scholarship:

Nicole Trost

Mishicot High School

$500 Scholarship:

Janna Saiia

Baraboo High School

2014 Winners!


$1000 Joe/Janet Kuzma Scholarship:

Lauren Manier


$1000 James Klimt Scholarship:

Elizabeth Kolarik


$750 Fred Stankovsky:

Joseph Janette


$750 Scholarship:

Robert Shlimovitz


$500 Scholarship:

Rebecca Phipps


$500 Scholarship:

Jordan Crass


                          2013 Winners!

$1000 - Sara Speier 

$1000 -   Kelan Vandenlangenberg 

$750   -   Rachel Pantzlaff

$750   -  Quentin Ellie              

$500  -  Melisa Kaliees                       

$500  -  Tyler Waite

                        2012 Winners!


$1000 - Amanda Tilot 


$1000 -   Nicole Kozlovsky 


$750   -    Christine Rhatigan  


$750   - Taylor Bednar              


$500  -  Benjamin Oleniczak                        


$500  -  Allison Honzik                      

Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Scholarship Fund

In Wisconsin/Upper MI, there are FIVE Scholarships:

1. Joe & Janet Kuzma Scholarship - $1,000.00

2. James Klimt Scholarship - $1,000.00

3. Fred Stankovksy Scholarship - $750.00

4. $750.00 Scholarship

5. $500.00 Scholarship

Scholarship Candidate Qualifications and Requirements:

A. Scholarship candidates must be W.F.L.A. members in good standing in an active named Lodge in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan at the time of application and of payment of scholarship.

B. Scholarship candidate must be a senior in high school at the time of completing and submitting the scholarship application and planning on attending school full-time in a post high school educational institution.

C. The scholarship application must be received by March 1st of the applicant's senior year in high school. It must be sent to current National Director of WFLA District #2 (Wisconsin/Upper Michigan), Brenda Vrieze, 2511 Thomas Court, Onalaska, WI  54650.

D. Upon graduation from high school, the scholarship winners will receive a certificate indicating the amount of the scholarship.

E. The scholarship winners must complete the first semester of higher education and present their first semester grade transcript to the District #2 Director in order to receive the cash payment.

F. If a scholarship is not claimed by May of the following year, the scholarship is forfeited to the alternate.

G. The scholarship funds are to be used for tuition, school books, school supplies, and lodging.

For more information about the State Scholarships, please submit your information below:

Thank you for contacting Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Lodges. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Fraternally yours,

Brenda L. Osterman
WFLA Director
Wisconsin and Upper Michigan
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If you would like to donate to the fund, please send donations made payable to "Community Foundation" and mail to District 2 Director:


Brenda Vrieze

2511 Thomas Court

Onalaska, WI  54650


If you have any questions, please call Brenda at 608-487-2655 or email to [email protected]