Lodge Officers:

President: Tamera Wagner


Treasurer: Betty Stone


Secretary: Brenda Vrieze


[email protected]

Hillsboro, Wisconsin

Hillsboro Samo Lodge 32, Hillsboro, WI

About us

Hillsboro Samo Lodge 32 consists of policy holders of WFLA. WFLA stands for Western Fraternal Life Association based out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The association supports community service outreach through networks of local lodges across the country and also provides life insurance as well as other benefits to their members to ensure financial security for their families.

Our lodge is a non-profit organization that has been rather "quiet" for many years, and we have taken the initiative to revive our lodge and re-invest in the community. We currently have over 150 members in our lodge. The purpose of our lodge is to provide an environment for members (policy holders) to connect with each other and to make a positive impact in the community. Lodge members volunteer their time and talent to service projects that benefit others. Lodges are also about having fun. Members take time to enjoy special dinners, recreational activies and social outings. Each lodge around the country determines annual projects that fit the concerns of its members and the needs of the local community, such as providing schools with Fire Safety books during Fire Safety Month, bike give-a-ways to youth, monetory donations to area organizations, sending coupons to military bases, etc.

Are you ready for tomorrow??  Join us to find out why Life Insurance is important!!

Join us to hear about how to protect your loved ones now and in the future!

September 13th, 1:00pm

Hillsboro Brewing Company

Complimentary coffee, desserts and door prizes! We are also doing a drive for school supplies for families in need, plus donations for Good Sumaritan. Feel free to bring any items for donation!

Hillsboro Labor Day Parade 2013