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Random Acts of Kindness

People say that kindness is contagious!  Small acts of kindness can brighten anyone's day....opening the door for someone, a simple smile and hello, giving up a parking spot for someone else....the list is endless!  

Next time you commit a random act of kindness, include a Random Act of Kindness card to encourage the recipient to pass it on.   

Please complete the form to the left if you would like to receive a supply of these cards!!!

Have a blessed day!!

Wisconsin and Upper Michigan now accepting nominations for the 2017 year....

Ambassadors of the 

Wisconsin/Upper MI Youth Advisory Council

Now accepting nominations for Ambassadors!  Looking for young people to be engaged in their community, show leadership, work together (collaboration on a local, district and state level), and build valuable knowledge and skills.....skills such as:

  • Teamwork and collaboration 
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Time Management and Prioritization
  • Communication (Public speaking and negotiation skills)
  • Leadership and growth
  • Volunteer organization and planning
Know someone who is interested and is between the ages of 13 and 25?  If you would like to nominate them or would like more information, please contact Director Brenda Vrieze at 608-487-2655 or email to [email protected]

Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Officers and Districts:

Wisconsin/Upper MI State Director

Brenda Vrieze

1724 Crooked Avenue

Holmen, WI  54636


b[email protected]

2017- 2018 State Officers

President - Pamela Thompson

Vice President - Kathryn Janette

Secretary - Barb Schneider

Preconvention Committee:

Kathryn Janette

JoAnn Parks

District 1

Milwaukee Lodge 48

Racine Lodge 357

District 2

Whitelaw Lodge 20

Denmark Lodge 108

Two Rivers Lodge 142

Menchalville Lodge 221

Manitowoc Lodge 360

Kewaunee Lodge 365

Luxemburg Lodge 391

District 5

Hillsboro Lodge 32

Yuba Lodge 82

Mosinee Lodge 144

Adams Lodge 193

Black River Falls 196

City Point 408

District 3

Menominee, MI Lodge 73

District 4

Haugen Lodge 100

Ashland Lodge 126

Cadott Lodge 141

Phillips Lodge 236

Weyerhaeuser Lodge 332

Ladysmith Lodge 355

For more information about a lodge, please visit the lodge's page on this site.  If the lodge does not have a page, please contact Director Brenda Vrieze for more information or for contact information of the lodge.


Free Youth Finance


Free 30-Minute Workshops on

Budgeting, Credit Cards and Student Loans


Success since 2014!!

2018 Workshop dates - TBD

Past work shops:



May 12 - 6:30pm,  Wonewoc Library


June 7 - noon, Bohemian Hall, Cadott, WI

September 15, 2016 - 7pm - WEBINAR on Budgeting

December - Budgeting Workshop presented by Youth Advisory Council member, Joey Janette of Racine, WI

December  - Elementary Program in Hillsboro, WI


To register for a workshop , for information on leading a workshop, or for more information  on the workshops, please complete the form below:

Thank you for contacting our lodges in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


Brenda L. Osterman
WFLA Dirsctor
Wisconsin and Upper Michigan
[email protected]
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About Western Fraternal Life Association (WFLA, formerly ZCBJ).....

Established in 1897, for more than over 100 years, Western Fraternal Life Association has been helping its members realize their dreams, reach their financial goals, protect their loved ones, and enrich their lives.  WFLA has achieved this success through exemplary service and superior products.


How to Become a Member.....

Purchase life insurance or an annuity with WFLA and support the purpose of the Association. The WFLA agent will assign you to the lodge of your choice!

Contact WFLA today!!

1-877-935-2467 or online at www.wflains.org


WFLA reaches 118 years of service!


Western Fraternal Life Association is a not-for-profit financial services company that uses its profits to do community service projects and provide benefits to members. What better way to combine financial security for your family with the rewards of volunteering in your own community, with assistance from lodges.


WFLA was originally founded July 4, 1897 to serve Bohemian immigrants, including women and children. Today wfla membership is available for anyone supporting the purpose of the Association and who purchases a life insurance or annuity product. WFLA instills a volunteer spirit in its members through the lodge system.


Every day, wfla volunteers in 17 states supplement the social services provided by overburdened government agencies - serving children, the elderly, veterans, the underprivileged, and other families and individuals who need help. Members join together to help with projects such as community fundraisers, activities to preserve the environment, and partnering with local schools. Members also participate in fun family activities such as ball games, picnics, festivals, and parties. The amount of involvement is the member’s choice. WFLA membership provides a social outlet, as well as the opportunity to give back to the community.

While WFLA has always reached out to involve young members and create a new generation of wfla leaders, newly developed Young Engaged Lodge Leaders (YELL!) groups are formed in several communities with that specific purpose. The mission of the YELL! groups are to volunteer time and talents to worthy causes, serve the community to help fulfill its needs, connect with other youth and adults, and contribute to wfla’s mission of service.


Visit the below link to learn more about Fraternal Societies (a/k/a Lodges)...the power of the Fraternal Benefit System....